Yosemite National Park Monday, September 25th, 2017

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Daily Report - Yosemite National Park

Monday, September 25th, 2017


Yosemite National Park Zone Forecast

Today: Sunny. Highs 63 to 72 at 5000 feet...53 to 63 at 8000 feet.
Tonight: Clear. Lows 42 to 52 at 5000 feet...31 to 41 at 8000 feet. Gusts up to 40 mph after midnight.
Tomorrow: Sunny. Highs 68 to 76 at 5000 feet...55 to 65 at 8000 feet.


Additional Point Forecast Weather Links:

Yosemite Valley  |  Wawona  |  Tuolumne Meadows  |  Glacier Point |  Big Oak Flat  |  Hetch Hetchy  |  El Portal  |  Mariposa | Badger Pass






Employee Walk-Through Of The Empire Fire

On Wednesday, Sept. 27th, Yosemite Fire Management is hosting a tour of the Empire Fire site for all Yosemite employees. Attendees must arrive at Chinquapin Parking Lot at 9:00 am and commit to staying until 12 noon. Please carpool to Chinquapin if possible. Attendees should wear hiking boots or sturdy footwear and be prepared for a moderate hike to an active fire site. The park will provide personal protective equipment, which is necessary when entering a fire zone. Interested employees must have supervisory approval to attend. Please RSVP by noon, Tuesday, September 26th to Mark Ruggiero at mark_ruggiero@nps.gov or (209) 375-9515.

Here is link to a Fresno Bee story from last weeks media walk-through: http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/article174930986.html  (S. Gediman)



YARTS Begins Winter Service Schedule September 30

YARTS Hwy 140 Winter service will start on September 30th. Schedules can be found online at www.yarts.com. Please note the following changes to the winter schedule:


Run 8 will leave Half Dome Village at 9:32 am

Run 3 will operate on weekends and holidays

Run 10 will end in Merced, not Mariposa

REQ stops will be for Drop-Offs only. No pick-ups will be allowed at REQ stops.  (C. Kelly)



Yosemite Conservancy Seeks Art Center Coordinator

Are you an artistic, organized, dedicated person unafraid of handling a wide array of tasks on a daily basis? Do you believe art plays a vital role in helping visitors connect to Yosemite? Come run the Yosemite Art Center. Work with great people, express yourself both creatively and administratively, and change the world one patient and observant painting-in-Yosemite person at a time. Looking for an organized and creative individual as the Art Center relocates to Happy Isles and ventures into exciting new programming.  Visit yosemiteconservancy.org/employment for position description and application instructions.  (A. Ripple)



Return Telecommunications Equipment At End of Season

For employees leaving Yosemite, the Communications Team would like to remind you to turn in your Radio, Cell-Phone, and Calling Card to Telecommunications Shop staff during the check-out process. These items are not to be turned in to your supervisor or co-worker. Contact the Telecommunications Shop at 379-1212 if you have any questions or would like to make arrangements to turn in any item(s).  (D. Thorpe)



Campground Closures

Tuolumne Meadows and White Wolf Campgrounds close for the season Monday, September 25th, at noon.  (E. Bissmeyer)



Job Opportunity Announcement: Supervisory Park Ranger (P), GS-0025-11

This position is located in the Division of Visitor & Resource protection within the Wilderness Branch for Yosemite National Park. This position supports the wilderness operations patrol program and will be focused on winter operations during this detail opportunity.

Opening Date: 09/25/2017  Closing Date: 09/29/2017


For more information contact Ed Dunlavey at (work) 209-372-0501 or (cell) 209-201-7846.  (D. Dean)



Mariposa County No-Cost Flu Shots

The Mariposa County Health Department will be offering flu shots - at no cost - at the following locations:


September 26 (Tuesday)

- 10:00am - 11:30am - Wawona Library

- 1:00pm - 2:30pm - Fish Camp Fire Station


September 27 (Wednesday)

- 3:00pm - 6:00pm - Mariposa Fairgrounds


September 28 (Thursday)

- 9:00am - 10:30am - Mariposa Human Services Building

- 11:30am - 1:00pm - Mariposa Heritage House  (C.Griffin)



Yosemite Bear Facts—September 3rd to September 16th, 2017

2017 Total Bear Incidents: 33

2017 Total Property Damage: $2,546


Compared to this same week 2016 (the lowest year on record for bear incidents), bear incidents in 2017 are up by 3% while bear damages are down by 47%. Compared to 1998 (when incidents in the park peaked), bear incidents in 2017 are down by 98%, and damages are down by 99%.


Bear Activity Summary: Bear activity has remained relatively slow in Yosemite this month, likely because they are taking advantage of the abundance of natural foods. Bear activity has, however, picked up at the Crane Flat campground. In the past week there have been numerous bear sightings and one bear incident that resulted in a damaged tent while people were away from their campsite. Please remember that even when you don’t see a bear, they could be very near by. Store any food or scented item (including sealed items) in a secured food storage locker while camping in Yosemite. Never in your tent or vehicle.


Residents and locals (or anyone who lives in bear habitat): please remember that there is often an increase in bear incidents and sightings in neighborhoods in the fall as bears are looking for high calorie foods to fatten up for hibernation. Please keep all doors and windows closed and latched  in unoccupied homes and offices. Additionally, pick any remaining fruit from your fruit trees, and make sure other attractants are not stored outside your home. Although it’s always fun to see a bear, a bear in the neighborhood is at risk getting into trouble quickly.


Red Bear, Dead Bear: So far, 20 bears have been hit by vehicles. Please help protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and being prepared to stop for animals in roadways.


Fascinating Bear Fact:  The home range of the black bear can depend on food source availability, season, and gender. Males generally range between 8-60 square miles, while females can range between 1-15 square miles.


 Please report bear incidents and sightings: Call the Save-A-Bear Hotline at 209-372-0322 or e-mail yose_bear_mgmt@nps.gov.


Other Wildlife Sightings:  Mountain lion observations have been reported recently in El Portal. For more information on mountain lions in Yosemite National Park, please visit the National Park Service website, http://www.nps.gov/yose/naturescience/mountainlion.htm.  (C. Lee-Roney)



Permanent  Seasonal Physical Science Technician GS-7 (1311) Position

The division of Resources Management and Science in Yosemite National Park will be advertising a permanent seasonal physical science technician GS-7 (1311) position starting September 25th.


This vacancy is open to Status Candidates, including those eligible through the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act, and will close at 11:59pm (EST) on the day 50 applications are received (or by 10/4/2017), so get your resumes ready and apply early! All applications submitted by 11:59 (EST) on the closing day will receive consideration, even those that exceed the 50 applicant limit.


Important: If you wish to qualify using the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act you must submit all SF-50's (for the start and end of each temporary federal appointment) and copies of all performance evaluations that document a minimum of 24 months of service. All documentation must be submitted with your application or we cannot consider you for the position.



- Planning and execution of field sampling and handling of air, water, and/or soil samples;

- Preparing analytical samples for laboratory analysis;

- Conducting analytical test and measurement procedures to determine the physical and chemical properties of gases, liquids, and/or soils;

- Understand air flow patterns and atmospheric processes that affect the distribution of various air pollutants;

- Maintaining accurate records of analysis to support validity of findings for reports and summaries;

- Maintaining laboratory records of sample logs, instrument calibrations, acquisition of standards, laboratory safety requirements, chemical inventories, and other appropriate laboratory functions;

- Summarizing data and writing reports that present clear and concise explanations of the scientific experimental results.

- Serves as lead technician for air and water quality field data collection which includes training and scheduling of field duties for 2-3 seasonal technicians.

- Maintenance of field monitoring equipment by scheduling regular calibrations or service as needed.

- Maintenance/upkeep of field office and lab, including laptops and supplies needed for execution of duties.


Please see the full announcement for details and Occupational Questionnaire. Please distribute broadly as you see fit. Questions may be directed to Jim Roche (jim_roche@nps.gov) or Cyndi Mattiuzzi (cyndi_mattiuzzi@nps.gov).  (M. Thornley)



14th Annual Facelift to be Held in Yosemite National Park - Yosemite News Release September 22, 2017

Extensive Parkwide Clean-Up Event to Occur September 27 – October 1


Yosemite National Park and the Yosemite Climbing Association invite the public to participate in the 14th Annual Yosemite Facelift, an event held each fall to clean up trash and debris from around the park after the busy summer season. 


Volunteers are needed to help pick up litter at various locations in the park, including roadways, in the river corridor, on trails, near climbing routes, and in parking, camping, and lodging areas. The event starts on Tuesday evening, September 26th, with an evening program. Trash pick-up volunteer days will start on Wednesday, September 27th and continue through Sunday, October 1st.


Last year, over 1,400 Yosemite Facelift volunteers collected and removed 12,197 pounds of trash and debris from Yosemite National Park. Volunteers worked over 11,700 hours throughout the event and throughout the park to clear debris and trash from heavily visited areas and along park roadways.


Interested volunteers can sign up at the booth in front of the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 27th through Saturday, September 30th. On Sunday, October 1st registration will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. A second check-in station will be located at the Tuolumne Meadows campground office on Thursday, September 28th through Saturday, September 30th. The Tuolumne Meadows booth will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Crew leaders will be at the booths to organize work groups and hand out trash bags, gloves, and litter sticks. Trash must be returned to the booths each day by the registration area’s closing time to be weighed and sorted.  All volunteers must register prior to participating in the event.


On Saturday, September 30th, the park will celebrate National Public Lands Day.  In order to celebrate this special day and the Facelift events, the park will waive entrance fees. The fee waiver includes entrance fees on Saturday only and is not associated with camping fees.  


Additionally, there will be a Yosemite Volunteer Awards Ceremony at 4:00 p.m. in front of the Valley Visitor Center on Saturday, September 30th.


The Yosemite Facelift is a park-wide volunteer event that was started by the Yosemite Climbing Association in 2004 to encourage climbers and other visitors to clean up the park at the end of the busy summer season. The Yosemite Climbing Association sponsors and organizes the annual Yosemite Facelift in partnership with the National Park Service.  For more information and a complete schedule of events, please visit the Yosemite Climbing Association website at http://www.yosemiteclimbing.org/facelift-2017.  (J. Richards)



Fire Update September 22nd, 2017

There are multiple fires burning in Yosemite National Park's wilderness. Weather has moderated with lower temperatures and higher relative humidities. All active fires in the park received moisture form the storm on 9/21. Updates will be done weekly on Fridays.



Discovered: 8/1/17     

Location: 1 mile east of Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area and 3/4 mile south of Glacier Point Road

Size: 6,340 acres        Cause: Lightning         Containment: 55%      Fuels: Red fir 

Fire activity was minimal yesterday due to cooler temperatures, cloud cover and snow that was received on 9/21. Burning was completed on the NE side of the fire along Glacier Point Rd. This secured the NE end hours before rain and snow hit the fire area. Crews will continue to monitor as the weather is expected to become warmer and drier starting Sunday. Glacier Point road is open, subject to smoke along the road from Badger Pass to Sentinel Dome Parking Area.


South Fork

Discovered: 8/13/17                           

Location: .75 miles east of the community of Wawona

Size: 6,970 acres        Cause: Lightning         Containment: 47%      Fuels: Mixed conifer and red fir

Fire remains quiet near the community of Wawona on the west and south flank of the fire. Sections of the north flank and the entire east flank are continuing to burn in the wilderness Fire activity was minimal yesterday due to cooler temperatures, cloud cover and snow that was received on 9/21.


Le Conte

Discovered: 9/12/17   

Location: North Side of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Size: 1/2 acre  Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low            Fuels: Sparse ground fuels

Strategy: Monitor

Showing no smoke.


Porcupine Campground

Discovered: 9/12/17   

Location: Right on Porcupine creek

Size: 1/10 acre            Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low            Fuels: Ground fuels

Strategy: Monitor

Single green tree burning at the base with 10x10 ground fire with continuous wet fuels.



Discovered: 9/12/17   

Location: N 37° 52.707' x W 119° 36.854' elevation of 8,535 '

Size: 1/10 acre            Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low            Fuels: Ground fuels

Strategy: Monitor

Lightning struck green tree with fire in the top and 10x10 ground fire at the base.



Discovered: 9/12/17   

Location: N 37° 52.597' x W 119° 36.552' elevation of 8,469 '

Size: 1/10 acre            Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low            Fuels: Ground fuels

Strategy: Monitor

Green tree that was blown apart by lightning strike and burning at the base.



Discovered: 9/12/17   

Location: N 37° 48.318' x W 119° 29.607' elevation of 8,564 '

Size: 1/10 acre            Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low            Fuels: Ground fuels

Strategy: Monitor

On the southwest ridge 100 yards from Hidden Lake burning in duff and down logs. Fire activity was creeping and smoldering at the top of the slope. Fire crews will continue to check on it.


Illilouette Creek

Discovered: 9/12/17   

Location: N 37° 40.391' x W 119° 32.505' elevation of 7,570'

Size: 1/10 acre            Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low            Fuels: Ground fuels

Strategy: Monitor

On north aspect of the ridge in a lightning struck snag with some ground fuel on fire. Empire fire operations will monitor this fire. 


Starr King

Discovered: 8/2/17     

Location: N 37° 42.965' x W 119° 29.588' at approximately 7800 feet elevation

Size: 60 acres             Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low/ Moderate

Fuels: Red fir/ Lodgepole       Strategy: Monitor

Minimal smoke can be seen, with some pockets of light smoke interior of the perimeter.              


Indian Rock

Discovered: 9/15/17

Location: Fire is ½ mile south of Porcupine Flat Campground Road.

Size: 5’x10’                 Cause: Lightning Spread        Potential: Low            

Fuels: Brush and down timber


Yosemite Creek

Discovered: 8/3/17     

Location: N 37° 50.414' x W 119° 38.088' at approximately 7,970 feet elevation

Size: 3.4 acres            Cause: Lightning                     Spread Potential: Low

Fuels: Red fir              Strategy: Monitor                   

Fire is creeping and smoldering and will continue to be checked by fire crews.



Discovered: 8/2/17     

Location: N 37° 49.336' x W 119° 34.720' at approximately 8154 feet elevation off Tioga road.  

Size: 4.8 acres                        Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low

Fuels: Lodgepole/Red fir        Strategy: Monitor                   

 Fires edge is 30 feet from the Tioga road and is creeping and smoldering and to be checked by fire crews. 

For more information email YOSE_Fire_Info@nps.gov.   (M. Ruggiero)



Room for Rent in Midpines House

Looking for 1 roommate in a 3 bedroom house in Midpines starting October 1st. The house is beautiful - A frame with wrap around porch with beautiful views of the foothills, a mile in from 140 off of Ponderosa Way. House includes clothes washer on site, sink has disposal. The bedroom for rent is approximately 14' x 14' with big closet (not included in 14' x 14' measurement) and personal 1/2 bathroom. Housing will start with 4 roommates and will become 3. Rent is $500/month (price is rent with 3 roommates + avg monthly utilities; electric and internet) No pets. Preferably someone with long term work/stability, but considerations made on case by case basis. Contact Anna Puchkoff (anna.puchkoff@gmail.com) for details.  (A. Puchkoff)






Yosemite Valley Parking and Road Construction Update

On Friday 9/22, contractors will selectively clear roadside vegetation on Northside Drive between El Capitan cross-over and Pohono Bridge. One lane will be closed.


Contractors will begin repaving the Sentinel Bridge Parking area and adjacent road on Wednesday 9/27. Sentinel Drive will be restricted to one-lane, one-way southbound traffic during work hours. Traffic that would normally travel northbound on Sentinel Drive will detour eastbound on Southside Drive to Stoneman Bridge and loop back on Northside Drive through Ahwahnee Meadow to the roundabout The shuttle bus will stop on the bridge to let passengers off and pick up passengers. Sentinel Drive will open to two-way traffic during non-work hours .Contractors expect to finish work in this area on 10/6.


Night work will continue under a new schedule on the El Portal Road between the Big Oak Flat intersection and Pohono Bridge. Work will take place from 8pm to 6am, with alternating one-way traffic and a pilot car. Delays will be a maximum of ½ hour.


Work will continue at the four-way intersection at Half Dome Village near Stoneman Bridge. Flaggers will route traffic headed to Half Dome Village in a one-way clockwise loop going eastbound on the Happy Isle Loop Rd then coming back northbound on Curry Village Dr. Contractors hope to pave and finish work in this area the first week in October.


Construction work at the Camp 4 parking area will continue and campers will park across the street at the Yosemite Falls parking area. Northside Drive between the Yosemite Falls crossing and Camp 4 will remain limited to one westbound lane. Eastbound traffic will continue to travel through Yosemite Lodge. The contractors hope to complete this work by Thanksgiving if the weather is good. If not, the parking area and roads will be open for the holidays.  (L. Acree)


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