Yosemite National Park Friday March 24th, 2017

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Daily Report - Yosemite National Park tuolumne snow depth - 3.24.17tuolumne snow depth - 3.24.17 tuolumne snow depth - 3.24.16tuolumne snow depth - 3.24.16
Friday March 24th, 2017
Today: Chance of rain and snow in the morning, then rain and snow in the afternoon, gusts up to 45 mph in the afternoon. Near the crest, chance of snow in the morning, then snow in the afternoon. Windy. Snow accumulation up to 7 inches. Snow level 7500 feet. Highs 46 to 56 at 5000 feet...39 to 45 at 8000 feet. Southwest winds 25 to 30 mph with gusts to around 55 mph over higher elevations.
TonightRain and snow...snow near the crest. Windy. Snow accumulation up to 9 inches. Snow level 7500 feet. Lows 32 to 41 at 5000 feet...21 to 31 at 8000 feet. Southwest winds 30 to 40 mph with gusts to around 60 mph over higher elevations. 
Tomorrow: Snow showers likely in the morning, then chance of snow showers in the afternoon, showers likely in the morning, then chance of showers in the afternoon. Near the crest, a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Over higher elevations, west winds around 25 mph in the morning, gusts up to 45 mph in the morning. Snow accumulation up to 1 inch. Total snow accumulation up to 17 inches. Snow level 6500 feet. Highs 47 to 55 at 5000 feet...38 to 44 at 8000 feet.
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Yosemite National Park Developmental Opportunity - Maintenance Worker Supervisor, WS-4749- 08 
Opening Date: March 24, 2017 Closing Date: March 31, 2017 EOD:  May 15, 2017
Brief Description of Development Opportunity: Will serve as a Maintenance Worker Supervisor for the Buildings and Grounds Branch working in the Tuolumne/Mather district. Supervises the operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds, which includes routine maintenance and rehabilitation of employee housing, visitor use and administrative buildings, campgrounds and day use areas, and custodial operations. Will be responsible for:
- Planning current/future budgets, estimating costs, developing budget requests, determining staffing, equipment, materials and facility needs; scheduling work and leave.
- Provide work direction to motivate subordinates to work together as an effective unit; provide guidance in a variety of trades; assure equipment and materials are available for projects; define standards of quality, quantity of work, and health and safety precautions expected; inspect work to ensure these standards are met.
- Explain and promote participation in management programs such as beneficial suggestions, quality assurance, cost reductions, and incentive awards; write position descriptions, job analysis, assessment questionnaires; establish performance standards and formally appraise performance; determine training needs; recommend the best qualified applicant for vacancies; initiate personnel actions; advise and counsel employees, investigate complaints and grievances, keep supervisor informed of actions, recommend disciplinary actions when warranted; maintain records.
To Apply:  If you are interested in this developmental assignment, you must discuss this opportunity with your first-line supervisor and obtain concurrence from your Manager prior to applying. Once approval is gained, you should submit:
1. A resume detailing your work history, educational background, and any special qualifications.
2. Your most current SF-50 reflecting your tenure and grade level
3. An approval email message from your first-line supervisor
Submit your application materials electronically to Human Resources at: Kitty_Lewis@nps.gov. Please include “Maintenance Worker Supervisor” in the subject line of the message.
Experience for this position is defined as: The applicants work experience must demonstrate the ability to perform the work of the position, or duties assigned, as follows: 1) Ability to Lead or Supervise 2) Knowledge of Equipment Assembly, Installation, Repair, etc. 3) Technical Practices in various trades such as carpentry, painting, plumbing, etc. 4) Use of measuring instruments 5) Ability to interpret instructions, specifications, etc. (includes blueprint reading) 6) Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment 7) Knowledge of materials. In addition, a current, valid state driver’s license is required.
For further information regarding this developmental opportunity, please contact Hassan Corbin at 209-379- 1076.  (K. Lewis)
Detail/Temporary Promotion Opportunity - Acting Concessions Management Specialist, GS-1101-11/12
Opening Date:  3/27/2017  Closing Date:  4/7/2017
The Concessions Management Specialist: 
- Administers complex, multi-million dollar concession contracts for the park’s concessions program, which includes preparing detailed and specialized prospectus documents. 
- Develops, reviews, and updates contracts, operating and maintenance plans.
- Formulates funding needs and develops long-term plans for the effective management of concession programs and expenditures at the park level.
- Provides advice, assistance, and direction to park managers and staff regarding commercial services (e.g., development of concession operating plans, contract issues).
- Reviews and analyzes information related to concessioner operations, including operation costs and revenues, staffing levels, size of operation, and fulfillment of contractual financial obligations.
- Performs complex studies and analyses (e.g., market and financial feasibility studies, comparability studies) including of park and visitor needs, to determine the appropriate course of action related to commercial services planning.
- Conducts evaluation visits of facilities and commercial service operations to ensure services are provided in accordance with contract provisions and Park Service regulations.
- Investigates, researches, and responds to difficult and complex inquiries from stakeholders.
Minimal Qualifications  For Details: Candidates don't have to meet the in grade qualification requirement of this position. They need to meet positive requirements by law or policy such as certificates, licenses, or commissions.
Minimal Qualifications  For Temporary Promotions: Candidates must meet the qualification requirements of this position and possess one year of specialist experience at the next lower grade level and be found qualified for the promotion.
Specialized experience is defined as experience performing financial and operational management work related to concessions management or other government functions. Examples of specialized experience include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) administering contracts for a business in the tourism, hospitality or similar industry; 2) implementing policies and procedures relative to commercial services planning; and 3) analyzing financial data, trends and operational issues.
You must include months, years and hours per week worked to receive credit for your work experience. One year of specialized experience is equivalent to 12 months at 40 hours per work week. Part-time hours are prorated. You will not receive any credit for experience that does not indicate exact hours per week or is listed as "varies" or if you list "seasons" instead of months.
To Apply:  Interested individuals should discuss the opportunity with their first-line supervisor and obtain concurrence from the superintendent or manager prior to applying.  Please title your email “Temporary – Concessions Management Specialist” and submit the following documents for consideration of this opportunity:
- Resume detailing current position title, series and grade, a detailed work history, educational background, and any special qualifications.
- Most recent SF-50 (non-award) 
- Supervisory approval (copy of an email will be sufficient)
- Copy of most recent Performance Evaluation
Email your complete packet to Laura Walsh at laura_walsh@nps.gov by April 7, 2017.
Individuals seeking additional information are encouraged to contact David Miyako, Branch Chief, at 209-372-0274.   (L. Walsh)
Tuolumne Meadows Winter Conditions Update for March 22, 2017 
New snow: 4 inches
Total settled snow depth: 100 inches (at 8,600 feet)
High temperature: 57°F (March 17)
Low temperature: 13°F (March 21)
Ski Conditions and Weather: The weather this week was warm and dry, which turned the snowpack into ideal ski touring conditions. One can really cover the miles skiing on the firm snow surface, which has been softening up as the day warms, but staying supportable throughout. As for making turns, conditions vary greatly by clear versus cloudy skies, time of day, aspect and elevation. The corn snow has been excellent on south and east aspects between 8,000 feet and 11,000 feet. North and west aspects at these elevations, and all aspects above 11000 feet, are still mostly presenting winter surface conditions with primarily hard snow. High winds from the last couple weeks have turned the alpine zone into wind scoured and wind board slopes on most aspects. Be prepared to encounter variable conditions this time of year.  
Avalanche and Snowpack Conditions: Please refer to the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center for the avalanche advisory for this part of the Sierra Nevada.
The warm temperatures and minimal new snow this week has resulted in mostly stable avalanche conditions in Tuolumne Meadows. At higher elevations where more snow has fallen, high winds may have formed shallow wind slabs on lee slopes and in isolated steep pockets. Visitors should be cautious during the heat of the day when traveling on or below slopes being warmed by the sun. Wet slides and glide avalanches are still possible on these aspects. 
Visitors to Tuolumne Meadows should be aware of the slide paths that cross the Tioga Road to the east and west. Anyone entering via Lee Vining Canyon should be prepared with an ice axe and crampons and good route selection skills. The road corridor in Lee Vining Canyon still has some steep side hill sections with consequences, but is going through changes as the spring melt progresses. Several visitors reported traversing these slopes this week when the snow was soft and reported that it was “attention getting” but passable, and that it would have been unsafe to proceed if the the snow was hard.
Wildlife: This week two aerial predators were active. As we skied through Tuolumne Meadows, we came across an explosion of feathers in the snow which may have been one of the first western meadowlarks of the season (the early bird doesn’t always get the worm). Shortly thereafter, as we descended Cottage Dome we saw the strong characteristic wing beats and mask of the peregrine falcon, one of the fastest birds in the world.
Almost daily, a slightly less formidable bird of prey, the northern saw-whet owl, could be heard late in the evening and early in the morning hours. “…a series of low whistled toots toit toit toit…” as described in The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America.
Questions: The Tuolumne Meadows Ski Hut is open. There is firewood and 10 bunks that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Power has been intermittent and there is NO phone service in Tuolumne Meadows this winter. We can be contacted via email, but we may be delayed in responding if we are on patrol. Contact the wilderness office at 209/372-0740 with any questions or concerns. Come prepared, and please make good decisions while travelling in the wilderness this winter. Happy Skiing! Follow our blog: http://www.nps.gov/yose/blogs/tmconditions.htm - Laura and Rob Pilewski - Tuolumne Winter Rangers  (R.&L. Pilewski)
Power Outages Planned April 3-14
PG&E will be performing needed repairs to the Exchequer Yosemite transmission line near Briceburg. This will require the transmission line to be offline for twelve (12) consecutive days. The repairs are planned to occur from 7am April 3rd through April 14th. This will affect Arch Rock and Yosemite Valley.  Residents and park personnel should plan accordingly.
NPS Utilities, High Voltage, is working with PG&E to prevent an extended outage. This will require installation of temporary power generation in Yosemite Valley, provided by PG&E.  PG&E is planning to install multiple large generators staged in the Valley Administrative Area near the new cellular tower and Bear Management Offices. The decibel output rating for the generators is 87db at 3 feet.  These generators will run continuously to provide power to Yosemite Valley. Arch Rock will also have a generator running continuously during the outage.
There will be two 8-hour outages, the first planned for April 3rd to install the temporary power generation, and a second on April 14th, to return to normal commercial power. These dates and times may be changed, and outages may need to be extended.
It is unknown if the PG&E temporary generators installed in Yosemite Valley will effectively maintain power for the duration of the repairs. NPS Utilities, High Voltage, is working diligently with PG&E to minimize the outage.  (A. Shapiro)
Book Donations Wanted For Yosemite Library Earth Day Open House
Calling on all book donations: The Yosemite Branch Public Library is accepting donations to its biggest Open House Ever on Earth Day, April 22nd. Hours to bring donations in are: T/W 10am to 3pm and Th 1:30-6:30pm. The Library will also have a booth on the Mall on Earth Day. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Also, come by and get your library card - the Yosemite Branch Public Library is across from the Administration Building, near the Museum.  (C. Reynolds)
Rental Needed For Bird Crew
Would you like to support bird conservation efforts? The Institute for Bird Populations is looking for housing for a 2-person field crew from the beginning of May through the end of July, preferably in the Mariposa/El Portal area. The Institute pays the rent, so you can be assured of prompt payments and good tenancy. The Institute can provide excellent references.  Mandy at 360-461-2294.  (L. Mutch)



Limited Help Desk Coverage March 20th-24th

Most of the Help Desk staff will be attending a regional IT conference at Lake Mead this week.  We will have one employee for Help Desk coverage all week except for Wednesday which will have no coverage due to travel.  If at all possible please email the Help Desk vice calling the Help Desk this week so we can better serve you.  I will be available by cell in the event of an emergency (209 631 9065. (R. Watson)
Private Rental - Fish Camp
Studio Apartment located in Fish Camp, 2 miles for So. Entrance. OK for 1 or 2 employees, seasonal employees OK. No smoking, no pets. For additional information contact Lou (408) 706.0923 or email toneaaa1@msn.com.  (C.Baker)
House for Rent In Sierra Sky Ranch
Large house outside of the south entrance, in the Sierra Sky Ranch area, easy drive to Wawona and to town! Seeking responsible, clean, quiet renter(s) for summer season or longer. Must have good references and be reliable. House is three bedrooms, two bath, surrounded by large yard and forest. Two options for renting: Entire house for $1250 or house sharing for reduced rate. Please call Shauna at (831) 278-1036 for more details. (S. Potocky)

El Portal Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – Phase 1

Mar 20 to Mar 24: Contractor will complete sewerline installation and rough grading at the parking lot between El Portal Market and the Gas Station. Bypass system pump will operate Monday through Friday (24/7). Construction Hours: M-F 9:00AM – 5:30PM.

Traffic Control is not expected this week. Pedestrian Detours: The stairs behind Nature Bridge will be closed for the duration of the project. Please observe pedestrian detour signs. Additional information available at the Construction Update Boards located at the Post Office, El Portal Market, and the Project Office Trailer (parking lot west of Nature Bridge). For any questions or concerns, please contact Jamie Richards at jamie_richards@nps.gov. (Y. Lugo)

Sentinel Drive To Become One Way For Spring Construction
Beginning Monday, March 6th at 7 AM, Sentinel Drive will be configured as a one way road from Southside Drive to Northside Drive. Direction of travel will be from south to north. Access to Half Dome Village from Yosemite Village and Yosemite Valley Lodge will be via El Cap Cross. This configuration will likely be in place until the Friday before Memorial Day. An updated detour map is available at https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/roadwork.htm.  (L. Acree)
Emergency Services Complex
Construction continues. Insulation is nearly complete and wall and ceiling finishes are being applied; electrical and telecom cables are being pulled; mechanical control systems are being installed. Siding and roofing is being installed as weather allows. Completion is expected in the spring.  (K. White)
David Thorpe will be acting Chief Ranger until March 23. He can be reached at 379-1090.
Katy Warner will be the acting Branch Chief for Physical Science and Landscape Ecology until March 23. She can be reached at 379-1421.
Dayna Jackson will be acting Administrative Officer until March 24. She can be reached at 379-1872 or dayna_jackson@nps.gov.
Kelly Singer will be acting Branch Chief of Fire and Aviation Management until March 25.  He can be reached at kelly_singer@nps.gov or 209-379-1904
Heather Boothe will be acting Hetch Hetchy Program Manager and Yosemite Conservancy Liaison until May 15. She can be reached at 372-0238.
Sally Kintner will be acting Volunteer Program Manager until May 15. She can be reached at 379-1850.
Kristin Kirschner will be acting SAR Coordinator until mid June.  She can be reached at 372-0216. 
Scott Carpenter will be acting Division Chief for Resources Management and Science until further notice. He can be reached at 379-1314 or 379-1060.
Josh Keyes will be acting Utilities Branch Chief until further notice. He can be reached at 379-1077.
Sheri Ogden will be acting Division Chief of BRM until further notice. She can be reached at 372-0316.
Ron Gaunt will be acting Division Chief of Project Management until further notice. He can be reached at 379-1027.
Sabrina Diaz will be acting Division Chief of Interpretation & Education until further notice. She can be reached at 372-0291 or 347-0113.
R. Brad Lewis will be acting Branch Chief of Design and Construction for Project Management until further notice. He can be reached at 379-1006.
Garrett Dickman will be acting Park Botanist until further notice. He can be reached at 379-3282.
John Barton will be acting Wawona Utilities Supervisor until further notice. He can be reached at 375-9510 or john_barton@nps.gov
Shawn Zumbrunnen will be acting Valley Utilities Supervisor until further notice. He can be reached at 372-0560 or shawn_zumbrunnen@nps.gov


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