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Daily Report - Yosemite National Park

Monday, March 12th, 2018


Yosemite National Park Zone Forecast

Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 55 to 60 at 5000 feet...44 to 50 at 8000 feet.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. A 50 percent chance of rain and snow after midnight. Near the crest, a 20 percent chance of snow after midnight. Over higher elevations, southwest winds around 25 mph after midnight. Snow level above 8000 feet. Lows 39 to 46 at 5000 feet...29 to 37 at 8000 feet. Gusts up to 40 mph after midnight.

Tomorrow: Rain and snow likely in the morning, then rain and snow in the afternoon, gusts up to 40 mph in the afternoon. Near the crest, chance of snow in the morning, then snow likely in the afternoon. Windy. Snow accumulation up to 7 inches. Snow level above 8000 feet. Highs 48 to 54 at 5000 feet...39 to 45 at 8000 feet. Southwest winds 25 to 30 mph with gusts to around 55 mph over higher elevations.


Additional Point Forecast Weather Links:

Yosemite Valley  |  Wawona  |  Tuolumne Meadows  |  Glacier Point |  Big Oak Flat  |  Hetch Hetchy  |  El Portal  |  Mariposa | Badger Pass






Farewell Tim And Annette Saturday

Retirement and Going Away Party March 17th for Tim Yett, RN and Annette Yett from Yosemite Medical Clinic 


After seven years, friends and coworkers will bid farewell to Yosemite Medical Clinic's nurse Tim Yett and his wife, YMC's medical support assistant Annette Yett. Please join in for a potluck style party on March 17th at 5PM at Residence 65 (behind the clinic) to celebrate and wish them well. All Yosemite community, friends and family are invited. Sign up for potluck items at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_VSX6S7pb5NDWhXdVmeSiMO17OhDWx2NwkoHLxLt38E/edit#gid=0


For more information call 372-0803 and ask for Jennifer or Casey.  (J. Marshall)



Rangers' Club Parking Lot

The Rangers' Club parking lot is experiencing significant use by GOVs and staff personal vehicles. Please note that this parking lot is for Rangers' Club residents and guests only. Please remove all GOVs and personal vehicles from this parking lot if you are not a resident or guest.  (D. Miyako)


Visitor Center Films Not Running March 13th

The Visitor Center films will not be playing in the Theater on Tuesday March 13th. Regular showings will resume on Wednesday March 14th.  (S.Miyako)



2019 YC Grants - Call for Executive Summary Proposals

It's time once again to start applying for 2019 Yosemite Conservancy Grants. The first step is writing up an Executive Summary for approval by your Division Chief. Information about the 2019 grant process in general, and the Exec Summary process specifically, is available at:

 U:\Yosemite Conservancy Proposals\2019 YC Grant Proposals\2019 YC Forms and Guidance  

The Executive Summary Form is a google form this year. Click the link to access.

For more information contact Heather Boothe at 372-0238 or  heather_boothe@nps.gov  (H. Boothe)


Women's History Month -  Claire Marie Hodges, 1890–1970

Each week during the month of March, organizers of the Women’s Leadership Symposium highlight a famous woman from Yosemite's History.  The Symposium will take place Tuesday, March 13th, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in the Yosemite Valley Theater and Auditorium. For more information email Yose_RDI@nps.gov


In 1918, During World War I, long before Rosie the Riveter was the face of a campaign to enlist women into the defense and manual labor sectors;  Claire Marie Hodges asked the superintendent of Yosemite if she could become a park ranger. The local schoolteacher was granted her request, probably in part due to the lack of men available for work at the time, and became the first female park ranger in the National Park Service. During her season of service, she refused to carry a gun, and was responsible for leading mounted patrols through the night down from Tuolumne Meadows to park headquarters, as well as mounted wilderness patrols. She wore a ranger hat and badge, but women in the National Park Service were not offered official uniforms until 1947, and weren’t allowed to wear the same uniforms as men until the 1970s. Claire Hodges provided valuable service to the park in the face of stereotypes of the time, working hard in her chosen field, and continuing on to contribute to the Yosemite outdoors community through her life.  (E. Wold)



Room For Rent Available April 1st: Triangle Road In Mariposa

Private bedroom for rent in a two bed, one bath home on Triangle Road. House is on 4.5 acres, and is a six minute drive from Hwy 140, 15 minutes from Mariposa.  Wood stove heat only.  Swamp cooler does a great job cooling in summer. Utilities per occupant range from $20 per mo in summer to $70 per mo in winter. Peaceful, quiet, lovely property. Rent is $475 per mo, security deposit $475. Looking for a longer term occupant, preference given to someone with consistent year round area employment. If interested, please contact Kate Gunsolus as soon as possible at 920-723-1847 or kate.gunsolus@gmail.com  (K. Gunsolus)



Home for Rent

3 bedroom 2 bath home on East Whitlock Road in the "Pride of the Sierras" (Midpines). $1500 per month not including utilities. Washer/Dryer onsite. Two car attached garage. Plenty of storage space. One year lease preferred. No pets/smokers. Call Virgia at 731-695-5048 for more information.  (W. Bryan)


Seeking Rental

Looking for housing, starting work in Wawona on April 1st and working through summer and fall. Anything in the south side of the park near Wawona, Fish Camp or Oakhurst area is preferred.  Please email monik812@hotmail.com with any opportunities.  (M. Medina)






Maintenance Complex Water Outage March 16

There will be a brief water outage on March 16th 10am affecting the east end of the Maintenance Complex Building. The upstairs bathrooms will be available for use. For more information contact George Harders at 379-1828.  (G. Harders)



Yosemite Valley Parking and Road Work

Parking and road work is ramping up in Yosemite Valley. The first project is final paving at the Yosemite Falls Parking Area (west of Yosemite Lodge). Please direct vehicles to park at Yosemite Village or Half Dome Village as the Yosemite Falls parking lot will close. RVs may park along Stoneman Meadow or Half Dome Village. Commercial tour buses may continue to park at the Yosemite Falls parking area. Work at the Yosemite Falls Parking area is estimated to finish by the end of March.  (L. Acree)



Museum/District Building Electrical Rehab Project

This project will rehabilitate the electrical system in the Museum/District Building by installing grounding in the existing electrical circuits. The Contractor mobilized on Monday, December 18th and the project is expected to run for 6 months. The 8 parking stalls to the west of the building between the sidewalk on the south and the south end of the fence to the north will become the Contractor's staging areas.  Please do not leave any vehicles parked there on Sunday night. Thank you.  (K. White)


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