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Yosemite National Park Monday, September 11th, 2017

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Daily Report - Yosemite National Park

Monday, September 11th, 2017


Yosemite National Park Zone Forecast

Today: Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning, then chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Chance of thunderstorms 50 percent. Highs 80 to 88 at 5000 feet...67 to 75 at 8000 feet.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of thunderstorms in the evening, then slight chance of thunderstorms after midnight. Chance of thunderstorms 50 percent. Lows 55 to 65 at 5000 feet...43 to 53 at 8000 feet.

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning. Chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Near the crest, showers and chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 50 percent. Highs 76 to 84 at 5000 feet... 64 to 72 at 8000 feet.


Additional Point Forecast Weather Links:

Yosemite Valley  |  Wawona  |  Tuolumne Meadows  |  Glacier Point |  Big Oak Flat  |  Hetch Hetchy  |  El Portal  |  Mariposa | Badger Pass






Flags At Half Staff Today

Monday, September 11th, 2017 marks the 16 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed in suburban Pennsylvania. Patriot Day serves as a remembrance of the lives lost on that September morning.  (J. Trust)



End of Summer Awards and Thank You Celebration Wednesday

All NPS and YC employees are invited to the 2017 End of Summer Award and Thank You Celebration on Wednesday September 13th from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM at the El Portal Community Center. This event will announce the recipients of the 2017 Partnership Award, and recognize all employees for your hard work this summer. A BBQ dinner will be served.  (S. Diaz)



Theater Closed Wednesday

The Valley Visitor Center Theater and Auditorium will be closed on Wednesday, September 13, due to hazard tree removal. The Spirit of Yosemite and Yosemite: A Gathering of Spirit movies will not be shown on September 13.



Detail/Temporary Promotion: Sign Painter Supervisor, WS-4104-09

​This is a temporary developmental assignment NTE 120 days.

Opening Date: 09/11/2017  Closing Date: 09/15/2017


For more information email gene_smith@nps.gov.  (K. Lewis)



Yosemite Valley Parking and Road Construction Update

A new phase of parking and road construction in Yosemite Valley will be starting on Monday, September 18th. The biggest project will be reconstruction of the Camp 4 parking area. The parking area will close on Monday, September 18th and campers will park across the street at the Yosemite Falls parking area. Northside Drive between the Yosemite Falls crossing and Camp 4 will narrow to one westbound lane. Eastbound traffic will travel through Yosemite Lodge. The contractors hope to complete this work by Thanksgiving if the weather is good. If not, the parking area and roads will be open for the holidays.


In addition, new construction will begin on Tuesday, September 19th at the four-way intersection at Half Dome Village near Stoneman Bridge. Flaggers will route traffic headed to Half Dome Village in a one-way clockwise loop going eastbound on the Happy Isle Loop Rd then coming back northbound on Curry Village Dr. This work should take about two weeks.


Work on Northside Drive east of Pohono Bridge is almost complete. Contractors will work on utility vaults in Northside Drive for one week starting Monday, September 18th. This work will take place during the day with one lane open. There will be maximum 30-minute delays.


Lastly, night work will continue at “the Narrows” through September (same schedule as earlier in the month) and work on the pedestrian pathway from the Yosemite Village parking area to Yosemite Village will continue through Monday, September 18th. Thank you for your patience.  (L. Acree)



Yosemite Forum Monday, September 18 (Note Special Date!)

"A snow hydrologist's apology: Demystifying Sierra snow and ice with the NASA Airborne Snow Observatory" by Dr. Thomas Painter, NASA


The NASA Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) has revolutionized how we characterize Sierra Nevada snowpack and mountain glaciers, in a way sadly laying waste to our mythical understandings of this most critical resource and landscape. Prior to the ASO, we largely understood snowpack and glacier dynamics from what we could see or measure on skis or foot, with the federal sampler, a depth probe, a GPS unit, a tape measure, wood stakes, a stone, horse-hair, and a load of Scottish chutzpah. Now, putting assumptions behind us that have led to unverifiable myths, the ASO allows us to finally quantify Yosemite’s snow water equivalent, snow reflectivity, snow grain size, dust and black carbon enhancement of sunlight absorption, glacier volume changes, snow algae concentrations, periglacial forms, ecosystem function, and controls on snow versus glacier melt contributions to runoff. My sincerest apologies … look away if you want to keep the mystery!


The Forum will take place Monday, September 18, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm in the Yosemite Valley Auditorium.  Please contact Greg Stock at 379-1420 for additional information.  (G. Stock)



Power Outage Next Week

PG&E is scheduling a power outage beginning Monday September 18 through Friday, September 22nd. (Possibly adding dates 9/17 and 9/23)


Arch Rock and El Portal will not be affected by this outage. 


Glacier Point, Wawona Tunnel and Yosemite Valley will be provided with electrical generation during this time, but expect to have some delays, power bumps and/or minimal outages. 


Big Oak Flat Tunnels will not have back up generation during this outage.


NPS High Voltage is working directly with PG&E to minimize impacts to Yosemite.  (K. Bablitch)



​ZLF Facelift Booth September 26 to October 1, 2017

Volunteers are needed to help staff Yosemite's Zero Landfill Initiative booth at the park's Facelift event​. ​Once Facelift begins accepting volunteers on September 27, the booth will be open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily. ​


The booth is made from materials salvaged from the park, so some assembly is required. Construction will start on the morning of September 26. We are also looking for help with tearing the booth down beginning at 3:00 pm on Sunday, October 1. Volunteers are needed  to help with both construction and tear down. If interested please contact jodi_bailey@nps.gov.  You can also sign up via this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/a/doi.gov/spreadsheets/d/1TTNxYfWNIo8xIqQz6jeHibXsnu_fQUpvEoueBvZWo1g/edit?usp=sharing (J. Bailey)​



Housing Available

A 2 bedroom/1 bath house is available for the next six months adjacent to Lushmeadows off of Triangle Road in Mariposa. The house is fully furnished, or you can bring your own stuff. Has full kitchen, washer/dryer, pond, views, outdoor shower, garden space, etc. Asking $1,200 per month, with deposit. For more information call 209-742-6320.  (J. McCamman)



Fire Update September 10th, 2017

There are multiple fires burning in Yosemite National Park's wilderness. Showers and thunderstorms are possible each afternoon and evening through Tuesday, with a slight increase in temperature and lower relative humidities. Gusty and erratic winds are possible with any thunderstorm that develops.



​The Railroad Fire burning in the Sierra National Forest is ​12,358 acres and 70% contained. Highway 41 re-opened September 9th to the public at 2 pm. For the most up-to-date information go to https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5553/



Discovered: 9/7/17

Location: Hwy 120/Big Oak Flat Rd. at Foresta Rd.

Size: 15 ac.                 Cause: RV/ Vehicle fire   

Containment: 100%       Fuels: Grass mixed shrubs


The fire started due to an RV catching fire and spreading north into the old Big Meadow Burn scar which helped limit its spread.  Yosemite fire crews will be checking this fire.


South Fork

Discovered: 8/13/17                           

Location: .75 miles east of the community of Wawona

Size: 6,740 acres        Cause: Unknown        

Containment: 47%      Fuels: Mixed conifer and red fir


Fire remains quiet near the community of Wawona. The most activity yesterday was on the east flank burning into the wilderness backing through scattered pockets of dense fuel, towards Johnson Creek.


The northern spot fire near Turner Meadow has burned into the main fire. There may be some burning well interior and visible smoke with increased winds due to the storms. Both spot fires south of the South Fork of the Merced drainage were contained and secured with hose lays and handline. Sections of the north flank and the entire east flank are continuing to burn in the wilderness. The fire will be monitored by aircraft and fire lookouts. As fire burns into the high country wilderness it will burn actively through pockets of dense vegetation but will then slow down as it progresses into sparse vegetation and natural granite barriers limiting smoke production. This high country wilderness area has minimal values at risk.



Discovered: 8/1/17     

Location: 1 mile east of Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area and 3/4 mile south of Glacier Point Road

Size: 5,787 acres        Cause: Lightning         

Containment: 55%      Fuels: Red fir             


Fire activity was moderated yesterday due to spotty precipitation over the fire area. The most activity was on the north east section near Glacier Point Road. Glacier Point Road remains closed until further notice due to fire operations.


Fire crews are implementing a perimeter control strategy for the north, west, and southern flanks of the fire to protect Bridalveil Campground, Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area, Yosemite West subdivision, Wawona Road (Highway 41), and Glacier Point road. Today crews will continue preparation along Glacier Point road from Bridalveil Campground to Mono Meadow trail head and begin implementation of strategic burning operations which will minimize high fire behavior along the road. The west and south flanks of the fire are contained, holding, and will continue to be monitored by aircraft and fire personnel.  Areas of new smoke may be seen as the fire cleans up areas of unburned fuel interior.  The east flank is being allowed to move towards the Illilouette basin to continue to enhance forest resiliency in a fire adapted ecosystem. Yosemite National Park has managed fire in this wilderness area for decades. This high country wilderness area is very steep and rugged with numerous natural barriers and minimal values at risk.


Starr King

Discovered: 8/2/17     

Location: N 37° 42.965' x W 119° 29.588' at approximately 7800 feet elevation

Size: 60 acres             Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low/ Moderate

Fuels: Red fir/ Lodgepole        Strategy: Monitor                   


Fire personnel are on scene and will be securing the northern edge of the fire which will prevent fire from entering steep slopes down into Little Yosemite Valley. Fire continues to back towards the Cascade Cliff area. Smoke will be visible from the high country.


Yosemite Creek

Discovered: 8/3/17     

Location: N 37° 50.414' x W 119° 38.088' at approximately 7,970 feet elevation

Size: 4 acres   Cause: Lightning                     Spread Potential: Low

Fuels: Red fir              Strategy: Monitor                   


Fire is creeping and smoldering and will continue to be checked by fire crews. Fire has received some precipitation over the last few days.



Discovered: 8/2/17     

Location: N 37° 49.336' x W 119° 34.720' at approximately 8154 feet elevation off Tioga road.  

Size: 4.8 acres                        Cause: Lightning         Spread Potential: Low

Fuels: Lodgepole/Red fir         Strategy: Monitor                   


Fires edge is 30 feet from the Tioga road and is creeping and smoldering and to be checked by fire crews. Fire has received some precipitation over the last few days.


Knob 91

Discovered: 8/4/17     

Location 37° 52.185' x W 119° 35.217' at approximately 8980 feet elevation

Size: .39 acres            Cause: Lightning                     Spread Potential: Low

Fuels: Timber litter      Strategy: Monitor                   


Air quality continues to improve throughout the Yosemite area. Winds from a more easterly direction and potential rain from afternoon thunderstorms tonight should keep the remaining Railroad Fire emissions out of Yosemite. This wind direction also makes more direct impacts in El Portal, Wawona, and Yosemite West from the South Fork and Empire Fire possible, but likely transient and dependent on the day’s fire activity. Fire Managers are working with the local Air Quality Districts and will be monitoring smoke impacts to the park and local communities. Community members who are sensitive to smoke may want to close their windows and doors, limit outdoor activity, and monitor the air quality forecast linked below for changes to the forecasted patterns.




https://app.airsis.com/USFS/UnitMap?custId=11&unitId=1011&isHistoric=False  (S. Saunders)



Fire Suppression System Inspection

Attention Yosemite Employees and Residents,

The annual fire suppression system inspection and test will be taking place September 9th-20th.

Contractors, escorted by NPS staff, will be entering all buildings and homes. Please see the schedule below for more information. 


Monday September 11th

- Team #2 EPQ0703, EPQ0704, EPQ0705, EPQ0711, EPQ0711, EPQ0713, EPQ0714, EPQ0715, EPQ0716, EPQ0717 (day care- time to set by day care rep), EPQ0719, EPQ0720, EPQ0721, EPQ0724, EPQ0726, EPQ0727, EPQ0728, EPQ0730, EPQ0731, EPQ0732, EPQ0733, EPQ0734, EPQ0737, EPQ0738     

(Residences). escort required.

EPQ0722,  EPQ0747, EPQ0748, EPQ0749 (Carports) Sprinkler dry systems, no escort required.


Tuesday September 12th

- Team #1  EPQ0740, EPQ0741 EPQ0742 EPQ0743 EPQ0744 EPQ0745 EPQ0746 (Apartments) escort required

EPB0757 (covered storage), EPB0794 (covered storage small) EPB0757A (Artifact storage), EPB0755 (Road Shops), EPB0797 (New RMS), and any remaining work at EPB0759 (admin warehouse) escort for access to locked doors

- Team #2 EPQ0850, EPQ0851, EPQ0856, EPQ0857, EPQ0858, EPQ0859, EPQ0860, EPQ0860, EPQ0861, EPQ0862, EPQ0863, EPQ0864 EPQ0865, EPQ0866, EPQ0867, EPQ0871, EPQ0872, EPQ0873, EPQ0875 (residences) escort required

EPQ0765, EPQ0766, EPQ0767, EPQ0768, EPQ0769, EPQ0770, EPQ0770, EPQ0771M EPQ0773, EPQ0774, EPQ0775, EPQ0776 (Motor Inn Cabins) escort required.


Wednesday September 13th

- Team #1 VaB0756 (Valley District Museum), VaB0598 (Visitor Center) VaB0575 (Valley Administration) VaB0070 (Valley Day Care)Escort Required

- Team #2 Assist with VaB0756 (Valley Museum), VaQ0039, VaQ0040, VaQ003, VaQ0010, VaQ0012, VaQ0013, VaQ0037, VaQ0042, VaQ0046, VaQ0049, (residences) VaB0580 (Valley Chapel), VaB0514 (Valley Barn) escort Required


Thursday September 14th

- Team #1 VaQ0056 (Rangers Club), VaB0527 (Jail) VaQ0064, (Nurses Dorm), Va0056 (Rangers Club), VaQ0061, VaQ0062 (Residences), VaB0528 (courthouse), VaB538 (Valley Substation), VaB0607 (Medical/Dental Clinic), VaB0628 a(HI Nature Center) escort required

- Team #2 WaQ4047, WaQ4079,WaQ4149, WaQ4154, WaQ4155, WaQ4162,WaQ4178, WaQ4185, WaQ4186, WaQ4190, WaQ4192, WaQ4195, WaQ5000, WaQ4095. (residences) escort required.


Friday September 15th

- Team #1 WaB4613,WaB4611, WaB4612, (Kiosks) WaB4604 (South Entrance Office) WaB4414 (Hill Studio), WaB4100, WaB4101, WaB4102, WaB4103, WaB4104, WaB4105, WaB4106, WaB4110, WaB4112, WaB4114, WaB4134, WaB4136 (PYHC), WaBWawona Fire Station, Wawona Tunnel

WaB covered Bridge

- Team #2 Return to any Locations that has not been completed/assist Team #1


Monday September 18th

- Team #1 MaQ2000 (Rangers Station) MaQ6000, MaQ6115 MaQ6116, MaQ6117 MaQ6118, MaQ6160 (Residences)


Tuesday September 19th 

- Team #1 Any areas in the Park that need to be revisited to complete.  (S. Kincaid)






Ongoing construction projects or other longer-term events that might impact travel (e.g.

prescribed fires) will be moved here from “New and Happening Today” instead of to “Recent

News.” These items will remain as long as the event is ongoing and will therefore not be

cleaned out at the end of each week like “Recent News.”


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