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Yosemite National Park Friday, June 1st, 2018

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Daily Report - Yosemite National Park

Friday, June 1st, 2018


Yosemite National Park Zone Forecast

Today: Sunny, warmer. Highs 67 to 75 at 5000 feet...61 to 69 at 8000 feet.

Tonight: Clear. Lows 42 to 52 at 5000 feet...34 to 44 at 8000 feet.

Tomorrow: Sunny, warmer. Highs 77 to 85 at 5000 feet...66 to 76 at 8000 feet.

Additional Point Forecast Weather Links:

Yosemite Valley  |  Wawona  |  Tuolumne Meadows  |  Glacier Point |  Big Oak Flat  |  Hetch Hetchy  |  El Portal  |  Mariposa | Badger Pass






Summer Gallery Exhibit Opens Today

The Yosemite NP Museum's summer Gallery exhibit opens officially on Friday, June 1st. The exhibit is: Yosemite Viewed: Landscape Paintings of the 19th and 20th Centuries. The exhibit will be open daily from June 1st to September 2nd, 10am-4pm. Hope to see you there!  (S. Hay)


Nominees For 2018 Yosemite Partnership Awards Due Today

Yosemite National Park and Yosemite Conservancy are once again teaming up to recognize employees of both organizations who have exemplified the spirit of partnership and collaboration. NPS employees will nominate YC employees, and YC employees will nominate NPS employees; nominations are due Friday, June 1st. The recipient from each organization will receive a monetary award, to be presented at the Mariposa Grove employee event on June 13th.


To read the memo outlining eligibility criteria and process, and to access the nomination forms, please go to http://sharepoint.yose.nps.gov/Supt/fund/Shared Documents/YNP Partnership Award or contact your agency representative: Heather Boothe (heather_boothe@Nps.gov) or Edin Draper-Beard (Edraper-beard@yosemiteconservancy.org).  (H. Boothe)




Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center And Bookstore 

The Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center and Bookstore will be open for the 2018 season beginning Monday, June 4th. The hours will be 9:00am-5:00 through June, then 9:00am-6:00pm starting July 1st. Open 7 days a week through September 23rd for information, hands-on rustic displays, ranger programs and relevant and inspired books and gifts sold by Yosemite Conservancy. Stop by the highest Visitor Center around and ask a creative question!  (K. Amstutz)



Tuolumne Government Phone Lines

AT&T has advised Telecom that they have restored phone service to the Tuolumne corridor government phones for the season. Please advise Telecom of lines that are not working or are working but have service issues so we can get them addressed.  (K. Smeltzer)



Nevada Fall Facilities

The repairs have been completed on the Nevada Fall composting toilet facility and it has reopened.  (K. Kirk)



Yosemite National Park’s Andrew Davenport wins Prestigious Aviation Award - Yosemite News Release May 31, 2018

Assistant Helitack Foreman wins Wright Brothers National Aviation Safety Award


Yosemite National Park congratulates Assistant Helitack Foreman Andrew “Boots” Davenport as the 2018 winner of the National Park Service Wright Brothers National Aviation Safety Award. This is a rare National Park Service award given annually to aviation specialists who exemplify excellence in the field of aviation safety.


Andrew Davenport was nominated by his peers for his impeccable commitment to his job which ensures the safety of his co-workers, local community, park visitors, and national firefighting community. Andrew dedicates his time and energy during the busy wildfire and search and rescue seasons to provide expertise and supervision for seven-day coverage for the helicopter in Yosemite National Park. His peers from multiple agencies, supervisors, and management throughout Yosemite National Park recognize Andrew’s personable leadership style, his positive attitude, willingness to collaborate, and commitment to safety on the job.


During the 2017 fire season, Andrew’s critical decision making skills were instrumental while responding to multiple inter-agency incidents, including the Detwiler Fire, South Fork Fire, Empire Fire, and several highly technical search and rescue operations. Andrew has also worked to better integrate the NPS and the U.S. Forest Service short-haul programs as an extraction tool to help save lives while working on an active fireline.     


“We are proud to honor and recognize Boots for his professionalism, leadership, and commitment to safety in the Yosemite Fire and Aviation Program, stated Yosemite Chief Ranger Kevin Killian. “The NPS Wright Brothers National Aviation Award recognizes outstanding individuals in the field of aviation and Boots Davenport embodies all of the qualities that this award recognizes both in the air and on the ground.”   


The NPS Wright Brothers National Aviation Safety Award is open to any individual or organization in the aviation community who shows exemplary qualities in the area of aviation safety. This award recognizes an individual or organization who proactively promotes an open-minded attitude in the prevention of aviation mishaps and accidents, works diligently to correct and improve aviation safety, and effectively communicates the actions and results to others.  (J. Richards)






Detail / Temp Promotion Opportunity - GS-1173-06, Housing Assistant

Applications Due COB Thursday, June 7th. See email from Beau Brehm dated 30 May 2018 for complete details.


This opportunity is available to individuals within Yosemite National Park currently at the GS-05 or GS-06 level who wish to be considered for a temporary promotion or a temporary detail to the GS-06 grade level.


If you are interested in this developmental assignment, you must discuss this opportunity with your first-line supervisor and obtain concurrence prior to applying. Once approval is gained, submit the following electronically to beau_brehm@nps.gov no later than COB Thursday June 7, 2018:


1.  A resume detailing your work history, educational background, and any special qualifications. Please include your current title, series, and grade on your resume.


2.  Your most current SF-50 reflecting your tenure and current grade level.


Include “Yosemite Housing Assistant” in the subject line of the message.


Contact Acting Housing Manager Beau Brehm, at beau_brehm@nps.gov or 209-379-1839 with any additional questions about this opportunity.  (B. Brehm)



Vehicle Stickers

The busy season is here and vehicle stickers are essential to keep traffic flowing through the gates. Employees must have a valid sticker or be subject to entrance fees. 

- NPS perm employees contact your Division rep

- NPS seasonals will receive at orientation, or contact your Division rep

- YH contact Yolanda Cheley

- NatureBridge, AAC, YC each have a rep with stickers

- All others email yose_fee_management@nps.gov.  (E. Bissmeyer)



Butterflies Are Back in El Portal

Please Slow Down!

Highway 140 between Crane Creek and Parkline in El Portal has become thick with thousands of California tortoiseshell butterflies. This species emerges in spectacular numbers in some years and is thought to be the source of Mariposa County’s name, which is Spanish for butterfly.  


Please help minimize the number of butterflies killed by reducing your speed when you encounter their swarms. At 25 mph, the butterflies are more likely to follow the slipstream around your car, and emerge unscathed. At higher speeds the butterflies don't fare as well. Dead butterflies along the roadway also increase the risk to the birds that come to feast on the dead butterflies. Please help preserve the butterflies, and this unique display of nature’s abundance. Slow to 25, and keep the butterflies alive.  (C. Lee-Roney)




Crane Flat Opening

Crane Flat Campground has been cleared for opening. Reservations for the time period, Wednesday, May 30th through the night of Saturday, July 14th were released via recreation.gov on Monday, May 28th at 10 AM Pacific time. The cost is $26 per site, per night when the campground is on reservations.  (E. Bissmeyer)






Ongoing construction projects or other longer-term events that might impact travel (e.g. prescribed fires) will be moved here from “New and Happening Today” instead of to “Recent News.” These items will remain as long as the event is ongoing and will therefore not be cleaned out at the end of each week like “Recent News.”


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